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We understand the unique characteristics of new / emerging firms, and are prepared to deliver low-cost, flexible solutions which can help your business grow rapidly.

With a "who's who" client list that includes Minnesota's most prestigious healthcare, financial services, retail, and manufacturing companies, Thomson Solutions provides systems consulting, project management, and business analyst services on both a project and staff augmentation basis.

While we maintain our Business First priority, we realize you have enlisted our assistance for a technology solution, and we are experts at matching the appropriate technology to the business need.  We have designed, developed, and implemented successful internet / intranet sites using Drupal, SharePoint and Joomla as well as custom PHP / MySQL.

Content Basic Signal Integrity including board layer stack-up specification, sildenafil buy online canadahigh speed routing topology, space, trace, termination practices, and return current control. Get this wrong and the system will reward you with a host of problems including False Clock, False Data, Negative Timing Margins, Clock Jitter, Excessive EMI as well as a host of Manufacturing and Reliability issues.Order pills onlinePower Integrity is a lot more than one 0.1uF and two 0.01uF caps per pin. Power integrity depends upon stack-up, capacitor selection, placement, mounting technique, and quantity. Typical target impedance for memory systemspills online must be around 0.1 ohm from DC to the highest frequency of interest. Poor design can result in power impedance poles and inter plane resonances. Many of the mysterious SI and EMI issues can be traced directly to poor power system design.
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